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"The Pioneers” of

Hybrid Power Solutions

The worldwide leading technology for off-grid and bad-grid Cell sites:


Today our Hybrid Power System represents the leading technology for all Telecom Industry needs. The Hybrid Power System is a complete technology consisting of Control logic, Solar, Wind, Batteries, Diesel or LPG engine.

Engine + Battery-based Power Solutions.
Ascot Hybrid generators are all-in-one and plug and play independent modules that generate and store the energy produced by the engine.

Ascot Hybrid Generators guarantee savings in terms of fuel consumption, service intervals & running hours with longer genset life and lower OPEX:
60% fuel savings; 81% reduction in running hours; 7 times maintenance reduction

The integrated hybrid control logic is the CORE of the Ascot hybrid power solutions; a 100% Ascot electronic device that allows the management of all the components: variable speed engine, alternator, batteries and also the renewable energy that might be connected.

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Because You will become a part of a world that will never leave you alone, getting, at the same time, a top quality proven power solution.
All Power solutions are ready to work within 30 minutes from installation.
Dual AC Deutz Generators - capable of 24/7 running hours - or Hybrid Power Solutions - integrable with Solar systems - for fuel savings up to 100%.
Yes, using the Ascot DC generating sets you can power your batteries, while installing the H-Power Box you have an integrated Storage System.
A Centralized Service Center based in Italy coordinates the local Technical Service Centers, the Training courses, providing online support 24/7, onsite technical assistance, and the Spare Parts international distribution.


- Telecom Cell Sites, Data Centers, Special Solutions -

Ascot Industrial proposes a complete portfolio of power solutions specifically designed for Telecom application such as: AC Generators, DC Generators, Hybrid Generators, Eco-Powered Solutions and Integrated Hybrid Power Systems. All solutions are equipped with “Remote Control”, a web based and real time Management System that allows to manage all energy sources.

Telecom Cell Sites

A large Power System range designed and realized for all Telecom industry needs.

Ascot proposes a complete portfolio of power solutions specifically designed for telecom application such as:
  • AC generators
  • DC generators
  • Hybrid generators
  • Eco-powered solutions
  • Integrated Hybrid power systems.

All power solutions are equipped with “Remote Control”,
a web-based and real-time management system that allows to manage all energy sources.

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Ascot suggested models for Telecom by Grid Availability:

Data Centers

Redundant Power Center
The best choice for a Tier III – Tier IV Data Center power supply.

AC GENERATORS FOR DATA CENTERS Backup Diesel Power Generators (600 kVA - 3 MVA) Secure standby power solutions with modular units up to 3000 kVA - 50/60 Hz, capable of being connected in parallel, providing proven reliability to achieve uptime in excess of 99,9%. AC Diesel generators are the typical application due to their ability to start quickly, to maintain steady-state output power within relatively tight limits, and to respond to load transients quickly.
  • 99.9% Uptime Power Guarantee
  • 2 MVA DCP Rated Genset
  • Exclusive Ultra Silent Up to 60 / 70 db@1m
  • Compatible with any installed UPS

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Special Solutions

Unique Tailored Power Solutions designed by our engineers.

Ascot Industrial is the ideal partner for designing and constructing innovative and personalized energy solutions, offering exclusive products and systems that look to the future, concentrating on strategic objectives identified with our customers.

Toward 5G:

Personalize your power technology from 3G to 5G with Modular and Expandable energy solutions (Parallel Systems, Scalable Battery Boxes, etc.)

Investments optimization:

Adapting our Energy Solutions to your TCO constraints (CAPEX + OPEX).

Extreme working conditions:

Complete package developed to reach Rural Areas (SKD, CKD) and/or work in harsh climate conditions (e.g. special radiators; insulated container; anti-sand filters; anti-theft devices; big size fuel tanks to increase autonomy; air conditioning systems, etc.).

Space, Weight and Noise constraints:

Best Energy Solutions respecting all customer’s energy needs and project constraints.

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All Ascot products and systems have 100% Made in Italy certificate. They are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, using 100% European Components, made with natural quality materials, and based on the company’s own project and design. With guaranteed Performances and Savings.
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- History, Values and brief Overview -


Taking advantage of our multi-sectoral know-how, developed with almost 40 years of experience, the Ascot Group can Think, Design and Produce innovative energy solutions - considering all customers’ needs - from compact and powerful hybrid Generators to large scale Energy and Water Projects.


Ascot’s first aim is to listen and respond to customers’ needs. Innovation is the first key factor of Ascot’s success. The second key factor is Relationship: Our B2B Model allows Ascot to maintain a close relationship with our partner, listening to their requirements and providing them with exactly what they are looking for.


Ascot’s production is focused on Diesel, LPG & Natural Gas Generating Sets and on Hybrid Power Solutions for:

  • Telecom;
  • Mobile Generators;
  • Rural Areas;
  • Civil & Industrial;
  • Modular Power Plants.


2007 Birth of the first Hybrid System for Telecom Ascot has launched in the Sudanese desert the first-ever Hybrid Power Unit in the Telecom history, still in operation today. With a proven experience gained over the last 13 years in 38 countries, our Systems represent the most performing Hybrid power solutions in the Telecom sector.